MARCH Masterclass




A 60-minute Masterclass for science educators including elementary classroom teachers.

Join Andrea Uhl & Jessica Humble-Crofts in this interactive masterclass as they share their learning as concept-based science teachers and coaches designing inductive science engagements that harness the power of a concept-based inquiry approach.

March 14, 07:30 am UTC

with Andrea Uhl & Jessica Humble-Crofts

Honoring rigor in science through Concept-Based Inquiry


  • Curious about how a CBI approach will build breadth and depth to your science curriculum?  
  • Struggling to design learning that honors the skills, knowledge and understanding of the Science discipline?
  • Excited to learn more about the power of a Concept-based approach in the Science classroom?

Are you: 

Refine your understanding

How do different sizes of concepts ensure breadth and depth in a science curriculum?

What is rigor in the science classroom?

Join us to DISCOVER:

What roles do skills and knowledge play in supporting a concept-based science curriculum?

Meet your Presenters,
Jessica Humble-Crofts
and Andrea Uhl

  • Jessica Humble-Crofts is an experienced international educator, consultant and coach who works with educators worldwide to develop innovative Concept-Based curriculum. As a certified independent Erickson and Lanning Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction Trainer, Jessica has led workshops across the world, presented at conferences and facilitates a global professional learning community dedicated to cultivating best practices in Concept-Based Inquiry. She is one of the lead curriculum developers of the CBI Mathematics Project and has been involved in development, implementation, professional development and support of the project. Jessica is the science specialist for the CBCI Institute and has successfully developed and led professional development courses for Professional Learning International. Leaning on her extensive classroom experience in both middle and high school Jessica is passionate about designing transformative learning experiences in the science classroom. 

  • Andrea Uhl is a seasoned international educator, consultant, and artistic thinker dedicated to advancing science education. With a dynamic teaching career spanning over 15 years in elementary classrooms, Andrea brings a wealth of experience cultivated during her enchanting tenure at Walt Disney World and her whimsical role as a ‘Mad Scientist’. As an experienced Erickson and Lanning Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction Certified Trainer, Andrea leads workshops, presents at conferences, and regularly provides feedback on units to educators all over the world. She plays a pivotal role in leading teams for the development, implementation, and support of the CBI Mathematics Project. Drawing on her classroom experience and understanding of CBI, Andrea illustrated "Concept-Based Inquiry in Action" by French and Marschall, translating words to images to consolidate the reader's comprehension of the text.  She continues to advocate for the transformative impact that Concept-Based Inquiry can have on teaching and learning.

Your Masterclass Presenters

Leverage concepts to elevate your students' science experiences.


Learn how to leverage different levels of concepts to ensure rigor in your science classroom.

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