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An Interactive Workshop
 The International School
of Portland

2 Day workshop

Introduction to Concept-Based Inquiry

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An intensive 2-day workshop for Teachers and School Leaders committed to implementing a Concept-Based approach. This workshop is with practical strategies that invite you to rethink the unit design process.

Unlock the power of a Concept-Based Inquiry approach 

Join Rachel french March 9-10, 2024

Join a model lesson where teachers engage as students to experience using guiding questions and a range of case studies to build conceptual understanding. 

The lesson debrief invites teachers to explore the
role of guiding questions, case studies, and the process of inductive teaching.

Teachers reflect on when and how they use structured, guided, and open inquiry to promote conceptual understanding. 


Video clips of teaching and learning will illustrate the kinds of thinking that are developed at each stage.

Rachel French will introduce a model of Concept-Based Inquiry with six distinct phases. You will engage in a variety of teaching practices that help students think conceptually.

Explore practical instructional strategies can enhance units they are currently teaching leaving with a toolkit of strategies they can immediately implement in the classroom.

Join us on an empowering journey to  enhance your professional practice. 

Discover the Concept-Based Inquiry model developed by French and Marschall, and unlock a framework for intentional teaching and learning. Immerse yourself in various teaching strategies carefully crafted to cultivate students' conceptual thinking.

Rachel French, MA Ed. has led innovative curriculum design and transformed how educators teach and students learn for over 12 years.

Mentored by the founders of Concept-Based Curriculum themselves, Dr. H Lynn Erickson and Dr. Lois A. Lanning, Rachel was entrusted with the exclusive worldwide rights to be the sole provider of the Erickson and Lanning Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction (CBCI) Trainer Certification Institute — the certification that kick-started her journey into Concept-Based Inquiry and inspired her own approach to the pedagogy.

Rachel has presented numerous workshops and conferences on Concept-Based Learning globally. She now hosts the annual Concept-Based Inquiry Learning Labs Conference, a conference dedicated to bringing together passionate CBI educators from around the globe. 

Rachel’s mission is to help other educators transform their classrooms and schools by accessing leading professional development, planning and implementing Concept-Based units, and adopting a Concept-Based curriculum development approach. 

Rachel French, MA Ed. is a certified Independent Concept-Based Consultant,
Presenter, and Director of Professional Learning International.

meet your PRESENTER

Rachel French 



"Concept-Based Inquiry has completely changed how I approach everything I do in school."

Teaching students, conferring with small groups, coaching teachers, and leading PD.

The main shift has been a huge increase in the amount of time and methods I use during concept formation. I have seen such progress from all students and the teachers I work with as a result.

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Transform the way you think about education for $750 USD*

The cost of the 2-day workshop is $750USD.

This includes a copy of Concept Based Inquiry in Action and morning tea and lunch on both days. 

If you register prior to January 20, 2024 you will save $50USD.



*As this is an international workshop, Longship Systems will collect payments for this workshop. If you have any concerns, please contact

Empower students to do the Thinking and Own Learning

Ignite Thinking

Explore common myths about Concept-Based Inquiry

Challenge your


Transform Education

Learn practical strategies you can implement in your school or classroom

Your Teaching 


This hands-on approach invites you to recognize patterns and make connections, allowing you to articulate your own transferable conceptual understandings. The debrief session will delve into the strategies used to support inductive teaching.

Join Rachel French for this transformative 2-day workshop. 

Let's get started!