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Places in the 2025 Erickson & Lanning CBCI Institute are now open. 
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Are you ready to lead change as an Erickson & Lanning CBCI Trainer?


Are you a passionate educator looking to ignite educational change and take your career to the next level?

  • Are you one of a special breed of educators looking to make an impact?
  • Are you looking for the next level in your career in education? 
  • Are you searching for a framework that empowers students to become independent thinkers? 

As a certified Erickson and Lanning Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction (CBCI) Trainer, the opportunities for growth are endless, as are the ways in which you can integrate the certification into your specific career focus, whilst shaping the future of education. 

Become a thought leader

As a CBCI Certified Trainer, you support teachers and schools in understanding and implementing the Concept-Based approach to transform the quality of education they can offer to students.

here's the thing:

Connect with a global network of leaders who will act as your thought partners - encouraging you, challenging you, and helping you refine your craft to become the best teacher or educational leader that you can be.

Develop your skills as a coach, trainer, or school leader so you can confidently and concisely explain the key ideas of a Concept-Based Curriculum design to others.

Help students and teachers to see patterns, make connections, and ultimately, apply their learning beyond the context of the classroom.

Develop deeper thinking and promote transferable understanding in your students, whilst gaining the tools and knowledge to guide your colleagues.

Becoming a CBCI Trainer is your opportunity to...

The Dr. Erickson and Dr. Lanning Certification Institute offers advanced learning and development opportunities to prepare you with the understanding, knowledge, and skills to lead workshops and support schools with cutting-edge Concept-Based Curriculum design.

Designed for experienced educators, leaders, and future leaders of education, this flexible and rigorous training will enhance your knowledge and practice, and deepen your understanding of Concept-Based Curriculum theory and practice.

As a certified Erickson and Lanning Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction (CBCI) trainer, the ways in which you can integrate the certification into your specific career focus are many and varied. 


The good news? YOU could be that change!

The good news?
This could be your reality.

Whether you plan to lead workshops, coach teachers, or utilize your learning in your own classroom, by joining an expanding group of thought leaders, focused on transforming education together - we can change the world.

Imagine the ripple effect you will create when you are able to inspire and connect with educators all over the world.

You will have the language and the resources to confidently guide curriculum design that gives teachers so much clarity they actually enjoy planning meetings again!

Imagine leading workshops and coaching other educators, empowering them to implement these tools in their own school or classroom.

Imagine this...

Participate in a series of Concept-Based lessons so you can experience the power of scaffolding thinking to support understanding.

Deconstruct lessons so that you can design your own learning experiences that empower students to think conceptually.

Experience for yourself

Use the bank of resources that we provide to create a coherent and logical presentations suited to the needs of your particular audience.

Practice your coaching skills so that you can offer clarity in curriculum design and unit writing.

Develop coaching skills

Many of our participants speak of the meaningful connections they have made during the Institute as having been one of the greatest highlights and motivators of the experience.

The feeling of having found your tribe, who will journey with you to support, inspire and motivate, is undoubtedly what creates the revolution.

Meet thought partners

Learn from highly experienced trainers who have field-tested CBCI presentations so the structure follows a logical sequence and audiences are able to comfortably process the flow of ideas, concluding: "This makes so much sense!"

This is your opportunity to learn how they are transforming classrooms, curriculum, and schools - and how you can be part of this revolutionary movement!

Learn from experts

Create opportunities to coach others to write generalizations beyond your area of expertise so you can support both the high school math teachers AND the kindergarten team.

Be prepared to answer the commonly asked questions and address misconceptions with confidence, providing succinct, clear, and accurate responses.

Lead others

Develop a deep understanding of Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction so that you are able to accurately, fluently, and confidently explain the principles to others.

Practice crafting clear generalizations, or conceptual understandings, so you can confidently lead curriculum design.

Gain deep understanding

Join this 12-month online program to:


what graduates are saying

"I really think that this is the way forward in education. It will change the way you plan your lessons, it will change the way you deliver the lessons, it will change the way you assess your lessons. It will change the way you think about curriculum completely."

SANA, Doha

“My classroom practice has changed completely. The children play an active role -- that is fundamental -- and the learning experiences have taken on a life of their own.”


“It has been the best professional development that I have experienced. Because I have been able to go straight into the classroom after a Zoom session or after a coaching call, and I’ve been able to apply what I’ve been learning and developing.”

ANGELA, The Netherlands

"I wouldn't think twice about recommending the Erickson and Lanning CBCI Certification Institute to anyone who's remotely interested in the approach. The year long experience is amazing. It gives you the knowledge that you need, along with the time that you need to take it in and explore it in the classroom. Life changing. Great. Do it."

Kate, Australia

"I think it's the best professional development I've ever had, hands down. And I have participated in  and led a lot of professional development. This is the best there is."

Jennifer, USA

The cost of the Institute is €7,490 (or €8000 if paid by a payment plan)

This includes the full 12-month program, course materials, the certification, and licensing.

If you will be approaching your school or organization for part of full funding, it's a great time to get the ball-rolling now, ahead of PD budget planning for next year. 

Alternatively, if you are planning on self-funding, perhaps consider beginning a payment plan now? (See options below)
We offer these plans to those accepted prior to May 28, 2025. 

Please contact us with any questions at all. 

Start thinking about funding now... 

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*Can be paid as 50% deposit and 50% balance payment before August 1, 2025

*If approved prior to May 28, 2025

*If approved prior to November 30, 2024


Do you want to become a trainer and travel the world?

Maybe you want that promotion to a leadership position?

Perhaps you want to lead your school to a Concept-Based approach?

What is next for you?

Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction is Transforming Teaching Practices Around the World...

Yuanjia Fei, China

ENGY olama, Dubai

What graduates are saying

World-renowned educators and curriculum designers 

Dr. Lynn Erickson and Dr. Lois Lanning have helped educators across the globe learn the tenets of Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction (CBCI) for decades.

Having written numerous books (individually and together) and offered professional development workshops and training courses over many years, their work has made a significant and enduring mark on international education.

As a Curriculum Director, Lynn initially worked in a school district to change the curriculum model. She wrote her first book in 1995 based on her work there and titled ‘Stirring the Head, Heart, and Soul: Redefining Curriculum and Instruction’. In this book, she developed the Structure of Knowledge Model to show the relationships among facts, concepts, generalizations, principles, and theories.

Lynn was joined in 1996 by Lois Lanning and a strong ongoing partnership was formed. Lois developed the Structure of Process to complement Lynn's model.

Together they created the Erickson and Lanning CBCI Trainer Certification Institute to develop a network of trainers who could provide leadership and coaching to the growing number of schools adopting this approach.

Lynn and Lois are now retired and have passed the leadership of the Certification Institute to Rachel French and Tiffanee Brown, with a team of five additional subject area specialists to deliver a highly engaging learning experience.

This means you will have seven trainers working alongside you for a full school year of learning to develop the depth of understanding and presentation skills necessary to successfully lead Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction training and implementation.

Your Program Leadership

Our team of passionate educators 

You became an educator because you want to make a difference, right? So do we. Committed to helping your students reach their full potential with transformational Concept-Based Inquiry curriculum design, our team will help you forge the path to a world-class education.

Meet our Coaching Team


Tiffanee Brown


Jessica Humble-Crofts


Nyssa Brown


Rasha El-Haggan

Rachel French

Kelvin Sparks




Yuanjia Fei


This is perfect for you if...

You’re passionate about Concept-Based Inquiry, and want to lead curriculum design and implementation within your own school or organization.

You're an IBEN trainer and want to use this training to lead International Baccalaureate workshops.

You want to become an independent education consultant

You want to establish your own niche within your discipline or area of special interest.

As an Erickson & Lanning CBCI Certified Trainer, you will expand your career opportunities, build your capacity as a curriculum developer, and lead educators around the world to transform education as we know it!

To be a leader of change. 

This is your opportunity 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the program start date?

This program is designed to develop and support the careers of trained teachers who are teaching professionals, educational administrators, researchers, and policymakers.

Our 2025-2026 Online Certification Institute will begin on August 16th, 2025.

We will have a virtual kick-off event on August 16th, 2025.

We will come together over Zoom as a group of educators from around the globe to celebrate and kick-start the Institute!

This will be an interactive, virtual orientation where you meet fellow Institute participants and get ready to begin your learning.

What is the time commitment?

You can expect to spend 2-3 hours a week on the self-paced video modules, unit planning, and readings. With an additional 1-2 hours participating in the Zoom coaching calls and lessons on the weekend.

Because the video modules are self-paced, if you have a particularly busy week you will be able to catch up the following week.

We understand that you may not be able to join every call, some of the calls are optional and others are required. For the calls when attendance is expected, we recognize that from time to time you may have other commitments so we have a 90% attendance requirement for these sessions.

We will take two vacation breaks during the year, from mid-December to early January, and then again for two weeks in April. We have done our best to align these with common school holiday breaks around the world.

What is the investment?

The cost of the Institute is €7,490 (or €8000 if paid on a payment plan)

This includes the full 12-month program, course materials, the certification, and licensing.

You have 2 choices here . . .

Shared Cost

If your school or organization sponsors you by paying more than 50% of your participation fee for the Certification Institute, then you will be certified and licensed to train within the sponsoring school or organization only.

To help you get funding from your school, you can share this flyer with them.

Individually funded

If you fund the Certification Institute yourself, or your school or organization pays less than 50% of the fee, you will be certified and licensed to train as an independent consultant. You will be able to advertise yourself as an independent consultant and could present at conferences and accept national and international requests to train on Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction, setting your own fee structure.

You will not be required to pay any ongoing fees to Dr. Lynn Erickson, Dr. Lois Lanning, or Professional Learning International following the training.

Whether school-sponsored or independent, once certified you may advertise yourself as an "H. Lynn Erickson and Lois A. Lanning Certified Trainer In Concept-Based Curriculum & Instruction" and will be licensed to use all of Lynn Erickson and Lois Lanning's PowerPoint slides with their original copyright notice.

What resources are included?

Every certified trainer will receive:

#1: Dr. Erickson’s, Dr. Lanning and Rachel French’s latest book Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction for the Thinking Classroom, second edition. © 2017, Corwin

#2: Dr. Erickson and Dr. Lanning’s book Transitioning to Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction: How to Bring Content and Process Together. © 2014, Corwin

#3: Dr. Lanning’s book Concept-Based English Language Arts: Meeting the Common Core with Intellectual Integrity. © 2012, Corwin

#4: Dr. Lanning and Tiffanee Brown's book Concept-Based Literacy Lessons: Designing Learning to Ignite Understanding and Transfer, Grades 4-10. © 2019, Corwin

Plus, once certified you will also receive...

Lifetime Access to the complete set of Dr. Erickson and Dr. Lanning’s copyrighted PowerPoint Slides for facilitating CBCI workshops.

What is the Curriculum breakdown?

The CBCI trainer certification is taught in four separate, consecutive courses that focus on different aspects of the Concept-Based approach and how to guide teachers in applying it to different disciplines. During each of these courses, you will gain access to new self-paced video modules each week.

Course 1: Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction for the Thinking Classroom

Through a series of video modules, Dr. Lynn Erickson and Dr. Lois Lanning will guide you through the unit design process. This course provides the foundation for building conceptual understanding - you will learn how to design curriculum to use these structures to focus teaching and learning and significantly improve the academic performance of all students.

Course 2: A Closer Look at Process

Take a deep dive into the process side of Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction as you develop your understanding of strategies and skills in both knowledge and process-based disciplines. During this course you will design your own skills based lesson plan (in a subject and grade level of your choice) and get individual feedback from Tiffanee Brown.

Course 3: Coach, Collaborate or Consult

Taught live through our weekly Zoom calls, this course provides you with the opportunity to build your skills as a coach or consultant in providing feedback to your peers on the actual units that they have designed. You will work in small groups to refine your units and practice your coaching skills.

Course 4: Leading CBCI Workshops

Build your skills and confidence as a trainer through this self-paced course. View footage from real workshops and our video trainers’ guides as you navigate each of the modules in Dr. Erickson and Dr. Lanning's Signature Workshop in preparation to lead this workshop yourself. You will maintain lifetime access to this course so you can revisit the modules each time you are preparing to present.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the certification agenda.

What are the Weekly Group Calls over Zoom?

In addition to the four online courses, you will also have 10 virtual lessons with our subject specialist team over the course of the year.

You will practice spotting errors in generalizations and learn the types of questions and scaffolding used to support teachers in more clearly articulating their thinking and in crafting stronger generalizations.

You will enter each subject specialist’s virtual classroom as a student and participate in a Concept-Based lesson to experience first-hand what it’s like to build conceptual understanding through an inductive process.

What is the assessment process?

There are four key components to becoming an Erickson and Lanning Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction certified trainer:

1) You must complete all of the online modules and course assignments and participate in 90% or more of the group coaching calls.

2) Then you will complete an online written assessment to demonstrate that you know and understand the key components of Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction.

3) You will then present two modules from a Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction workshop in a 20-minute performance assessment. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your command of the content and that you have the skills necessary to clearly articulate key messages with confidence. This presentation will take place via Zoom.

4) Finally, you will design your own Concept-Based unit and teach at least one of the lessons from your unit. We will ask you to submit a unit plan, a lesson plan, and a video of classroom practice. We will meet with you on a final coaching call to give you feedback on this lesson.

**The assessments are rigorous, but don't worry! We provide substantial support to make sure everyone is well prepared. You will have an opportunity to resubmit any of the components once, if necessary.

Why the online format?

The global pandemic forced us to rethink what was possible with the format of the Institute and we spent several months working to redesign the program.

That is when new possibilities emerged...

We added new components to the training that were simply not an option in the old 8-day format.

We realized that working with educators over the course of 12 months allows you to spend time implementing your learning before coming back to us with questions.

The extended learning time provides rich opportunities for you to share your success and your challenges and learn from each other through ongoing collaboration.

This online format has also made it possible for educators to attend who may not have been able to travel for an extended period, broadening the global community.

Having discovered how powerful it is to work with educators over an extended period we simply can't go back to the 8-day format. In the future, we may offer a blended approach with online and face-to-face but we have no plans to return to the 8-days alone.

(Still have questions? Email us at

Don't miss your chance to participate in the 2025 cohort! 

Everything you need to transform your classroom, and your CAREER...

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Are you a passionate educator looking to ignite educational change and take your career to the next level?