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by Rachel French Teachers, This is not another one of those education “fads.” You will not find yourself sitting in a faculty meeting, shoulders slumped, eyes rolling, wondering if this new initiative is actually going to be helpful. Concept-Based Inquiry does what traditional curricula design cannot – it develops deeper thinking and promotes transferable understanding. […]

Why moving to a Concept-Based Inquiry approach just makes sense



by Rachel French Welcome to our new ‘Myth Busters’ blog series, where we aim to debunk common misconceptions related to Concept-Based Inquiry (Marschall & French, 2018). Dispelling these misbeliefs is crucial so that educators like yourself are able to unlock the power of a Concept-Based Curriculum (Erickson, Lanning and French, 2017).  It is our mission […]

What role do facts and skills play in a Concept-Based Curriculum?

by Rachel French As educators, we know that we cannot possibly teach children everything they need to know and be able to do in the future. We also know that many of our students will work in jobs that do not yet exist.  So how do we prepare our students for this rapidly changing world?  […]

The Importance of Learning Transfer