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Connect with other educators who are as passionate as you are at our annual global conference!
Packed with interactive lessons, round-table discussions, intimate break-out sessions, and classroom visits so you can experience what it's like to be a student of Concept-Based Inquiry and leave feeling inspired to transform your classroom. 

MARCH  22nd-24th, 2024


Bring Concept-Based Inquiry to life—in real life

Designed to help educators experience what CBI looks, sounds and feels like so you can replicate this process in your classroom...


Our team of passionate educators 

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Session Types

Elevate your conference experience with our dynamic keynote presenters who are ready to shallenge your thinking and share the latest research. 

Prepare to be inspired and motivated as our speakers delve into the heart of 'Education Innovation,' pushing the boundaries of your thinking and uncovering the limitless potential of Concept-Based Inquiry approach. Crafted to captivate, our keynote presentations are your ticket to not only gaining insights but also fueling the enthusiasm to revolutionize your approach to education. 
Join us on a journey to the forefront of innovation, where your learning future takes center stage! Don't miss out – secure your spot for an immersive experience that will reshape your approach to education.


Keynote Presentations

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Rachel French, Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa
and Carla Marschall

The most unique element of the CBI Learning Labs Conference is our interactive lessons. This is your opportunity to immerse yourself in an inductive approach to building conceptual understanding.

Each session begins with a 90-minute interactive lesson inviting your active participation, allowing you to fully absorb and engage with the nuances of the inductive teaching process. This hands-on experience goes beyond traditional learning, providing you with the opportunity to experience the CBI approach in action.

Following the lesson, our presenters will lead you through a session debrief. Here, we guide you to replicate the lesson's strategies and intent in your own school or classroom. Together you will unpack the intentional use of questions to scaffold thinking and support conceptual understanding. 

This unique combination of interactive learning and strategic debriefing ensures not only comprehension but also practical application, empowering you to elevate your teaching game. Don't miss out on this distinctive opportunity to revolutionize your approach to education – secure your spot at our conference today!

Live Lessons

Experienced Concept-Based Inquiry (CBI) educators open the doors to their classrooms through video. Witness firsthand how students engage with case studies and guiding questions, making meaning and articulating their understanding in real-life settings.

Immerse yourself in this unique opportunity to observe and learn directly from these experienced educators. Following the insightful videos, seize the chance to actively participate in the lesson debrief. Your involvement in this crucial phase ensures that you not only witness effective teaching in action but also actively engage in discussions, deepening your understanding and refining your own teaching approach.

Don't just observe – experience the practical insights shared by our expert educators, and develop your personal toolbox of teaching strategies. Join us for an enriching journey where theory meets real-world application, creating a powerful impact on your classroom practices. 

Virtual Classroom Visits:
CBI Classroom Video Snapshot

Engage in dynamic conversations with our round table discussions, offering you a unique opportunity to connect, network, and delve into the nuances of a Concept-Based Inquiry approach tailored to your specific niche or subject area.

Our aim is to foster a diverse and inclusive dialogue, bringing together a multitude of voices to interact, exchange ideas, and delve into the unique considerations of implementing a Concept-Based approach. These round table sessions provide a space for participants to share their perspectives, allowing for a more focused and personalized discussion.

Step into a setting where collaboration thrives, and participants can freely exchange viewpoints, benefiting from the collective wisdom of the group. 

Round Table Discussions

Prepare for an enriching experience during our breakout sessions as seasoned educators take the stage to share tried-and-true strategies that have proven successful in their own schools and classrooms. These sessions promise to be a treasure trove of insights, featuring a showcase of student work and unveiling effective planning strategies that you can readily implement in your educational setting.

Dive deep into the real-world experiences to explore the nuances of their successful strategies. Witness firsthand how these approaches have translated into tangible outcomes by exploring showcased student work, offering you a tangible and inspiring glimpse into the transformative impact of these methodologies.

The breakout sessions serve as a platform for interactive learning, creating a dynamic space where you can engage with the educators, ask questions, and glean practical advice. By highlighting effective planning strategies, these sessions empower you with the tools needed to navigate the challenges of educational planning while maximizing student engagement and achievement.

Immerse yourself in a collaborative atmosphere where educators come together to exchange insights and strategies that have stood the test of time. This is not just a presentation of methods but a shared journey of discovery, where the collective wisdom of experienced educators becomes a valuable resource for elevating your own teaching practices.

Break Out Sessions


Our team of passionate educators 

Full details to follow..

Keynote Speakers

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Director of Professional Learning International and certified Independent Concept-Based Consultant, workshop facilitator, trainer, and author Rachel French, MA Ed. has led innovative curriculum design and transformed how educators teach and students learn for over 12 years.

Mentored by the founders of Concept-Based Curriculum themselves, Dr. H Lynn Erickson and Dr. Lois A. Lanning, Rachel was entrusted with the exclusive worldwide rights to be the sole provider of the Erickson and Lanning Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction (CBCI) Trainer Certification Institute — the certification that kick-started her journey into Concept-Based Inquiry and inspired her own approach to the pedagogy.

Rachel French, Dr. Lynn Erickson, and Dr. Lois Lanning have co-authored the second edition of ‘Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction for the Thinking Classroom,’ 2017, and Carla Marschall and Rachel French co-authored ‘Concept-Based Inquiry in Action’ (2018). 

Rachel has presented numerous workshops and conferences on Concept-Based Learning globally. She now hosts the annual Concept-Based Inquiry Learning Labs Conference, a conference dedicated to bringing together passionate CBI educators from around the globe. 

Rachel’s mission is to help other educators transform their classrooms and schools by accessing leading professional development, planning and implementing Concept-Based units, and adopting a Concept-Based curriculum development approach. 


Tracey teaches at Harvard College and the Harvard University Extension School where her course, “The Neuroscience of Learning: An Introduction to Mind, Brain, Health and Education” offers a transformative self-learning adventure. She is co-founder of Conexiones: The Learning Sciences Platform, an Associate Editor of Nature Partner Journal Science of Learning, and a former member of the OECD expert panel to redefine Teachers’ New Pedagogical Knowledge thanks to contributions from Technology and Neuroscience. 

Tracey is the author of 12 books and dozens of peer-reviewed articles to improve teaching, expand transdisciplinary research, improve Mind, Brain, Health and Education, and to and help students and teachers better understand their own brains. She has coordinated multiple international research projects and facilitates workshops for thousands of teachers each year. 

She has published with UNESCO; Columbia University Teachers College Press; W.W. Norton; Frontiers in Psychology; Frontiers in Education; Frontiers in Educational Leadership; Johns Hopkins’ Horizons; and the Mind, Brain, and Education journal, among others. Her most current work is with the Global Science of Learning Network; as Secretary of the American Educational Research Association’s Special Interest Group on the Brain, Neurosciences, and Education; the International Mind, Brain, and Education Society; and the UNESCO Chair for Education and Neuroscience in Latin America. 

Her research focuses on the integration of Mind, Brain, and Education science into teachers’ daily practice and professional development; curriculum changes to enhance early math and pre-literacy skills; bilingualism and multilingualism, and the leveraging of technology to enhance learning outcomes.

Carla Marschall brings a distinguished career as an educator and international school leader and is currently serving in the role of Director at Dresden International School. Prior, she acted as Director of Teaching and Learning at UWC South East Asia, East Campus in Singapore.

During her seven years at UWC South East Asia, she co-authored two books, Concept-Based Inquiry in Action (2018) and Worldwise Learning: A Teacher's Guide to Shaping a Just, Sustainable Future (2022) which focus on concept-based learning and issues-based learning across the K-12 continuum. Carla has held other international school leadership roles in Switzerland, Hong Kong and Germany and served as a classroom teacher both in the United States and Germany.

Fluent in English and German, Carla is a multilingual leader, who values and models the importance of language learning. Carla holds a Masters in Elementary Education from Teachers College, Columbia University and a Masters in Educational Leadership and Management from the Institute of Education, University of London.


Carla Marschall


An Introduction to Concept-Based Inquiry
with Carla Marschall

This one-day intensive with Carla Marschall, provides an introduction to the world of Concept-Based Inquiry. Perfect for those new to this innovative approach, Carla will take you on a comprehensive journey, providing a nuanced overview that transcends the theoretical realm.

Throughout this immersive experience, Carla will introduce you to the phases of the Concept-Based Inquiry model. But it doesn't stop at theory – Carla is set to breathe life into each phase by sharing practical examples sourced from classrooms globally. Dive into a rich tapestry of photos and videos that showcase the model in action, offering real-world applications that will resonate with educators seeking a dynamic and effective approach to teaching.

The day promises to be an opportunity to witness the impact of CBI firsthand, equipping you with the tools needed to seamlessly integrate this approach into your own educational practices.

Secure your spot for this exclusive one-day intensive with Carla – a day packed with insights, practical examples, and the transformative power of Concept-Based Inquiry. Join Carla on this educational journey, where theory meets practice, and leave prepared to revolutionize your teaching approach.

Leading Change in a Concept-Based Inquiry Context
with Michelle Simpson and Erin Witthoft 

Unleash your leadership potential with our exclusive Pre-Conference session tailored for Middle and Senior Leaders, instructional coaches, Curriculum Coordinators, Heads of Department, and team leaders eager to spearhead transformative change within their educational domains.

Led by experts Michelle and Erin, this session is a comprehensive blend of theory and practical strategies aimed at equipping you with the tools needed to champion change effectively. Dive deep into the nuances of leadership, gaining insights into proven methodologies that bridge theory with actionable steps.

One of the key highlights of this session is Michelle and Erin's invaluable guidance on leveraging early implementors and navigating the terrain of change resistance. Gain firsthand knowledge on how to bring on board those initially hesitant about change, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

Secure your spot in this empowering session that goes beyond conventional leadership seminars. Michelle and Erin are ready to share their wealth of experience, providing you with a roadmap for successful leadership and change management. Elevate your leadership skills, drive transformative change, and position yourself as a catalyst for innovation within your educational sphere. Enroll now to unlock the keys to effective leadership and change facilitation!

Guiding Principles of Mind, Brain, and Education Science
with Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa

Despite great advances, there are still a great number of myths around the brain and how it learns. Misconceptions, overgeneralizations and a lack of information can do harm in the classroom, slow student learning, and reduce the likelihood of successful learning in our schools. The main objective of this workshop is to dispel these myths and replace them with high quality, evidence-based practice.

Do people really have learning styles? Is it impossible for an adult to learn a foreign language as fast as a child? Are there critical periods when a child should learn specific skills in school? Are some subjects harder to learn than others? Are girls' and boys' brains suited for different types of learning? Can a person really multi-task? The teaching-learning dynamic is surrounded by many myths, which will be discussed in a lively interactive session.
In 2016, 40 thought leaders from 11 different countries agreed on the six guiding Principles (things that are true for all brains), and 21 Tenets of Mind, Brain and Education science (things that are true, but with a huge range of human variability) (Tokuhama-Espinosa, 2017). This group also agreed, however, that there were more myths on the educational landscape than ever before. Howard-Jones' research (2014) shows that more than 50% of teachers around the world mistakenly believe in neuromyths which can potentially do harm in the classroom.

The evolving profile of the modern teacher is complex and requires new competencies, including the ability judge the quality of educational research in order to avoid the belief in neuromyths. This presentation will highlight 70+ myths on the educational landscape and guide participants in ways to avoid them and scrutinize the research.

– Pre-conference –



Thursday 21st March, 2024 @ UWCSEA East Campus.


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Unleash the Power of Concept-Based Inquiry with 25+ Global Leaders in the CBI Movement!

Meet intellectual thought partners, challenge your thinking and reveal what is possible within a Concept-Based Inquiry approach.

The CBI Learning Labs Annual Conference

Unleash the Power of Concept-Based Inquiry with 25+ Global Leaders in the CBI Movement!

Meet intellectual thought partners, challenge your thinking and reveal what is possible within a Concept-Based Inquiry approach.

** THere will be an optional dinner at the conclusion of saturday's schedule, at a cost of €50 per person.
*** register 10 or more for €550pp - email ADMIN@PROLEARNINT.COM to be invoiced.




what Past ATTENDEES are saying

"I loved the interaction with teachers and educators and the different perspectives they have. Also hearing their questions, not only allowed me to improve my lesson but gain insight into what educators are needing from CBI."

Andrea Uhl
Hosted a live lesson at Learning Labs 2022

Elementary Educator at Frankfurt International School

"Every Concept-Based opportunity I've been a part of has helped to solidify and consolidate my knowledge as a Concept-Based educator and trainer and my confidence in presenting."

Lauren Zeigler
Panelists at Virtual Learning Labs 2022

Performing Arts Coordinator/ Drama and English Teacher at Cornish College

ABOUT UWCSEA Singapore. 

UWCSEA is a united, welcoming community that embraces students and their families from around 100 different nations. The second member of the UWC Movement, the College was opened by Lee Kuan Yew as Singapore International School in 1971. SIS became the United World College of South East Asia in 1975 and has gradually expanded to become the K–12 international school of over 5,600 students across two campuses that it is today.

UWC Mission guides every decision we make as we strive to educate individuals to embrace challenge and take responsibility for shaping a better world. 

The UWCSEA community celebrates and builds on the success of individuals, with an aim to create a wider impact through their Mission. UWCSEA embodies everything the UWC Movement stands for: concern and compassion for others, the willingness to accept responsibility, and tenacity in pursuit of the truth. What also distinguishes their students is how much they give service to others: their compassion and commitment are writ large in the many hundreds of hours of impactful service the College bears witness to every year, across a hugely diverse range of Activities, which are celebrated as much as their Academic achievements.

This is the ONLY conference of its kind in the world completely dedicated to Concept-Based Inquiry with Live Lessons.


“Unlock the power of effective, evidence-based inquiry for deep and transferable learning in your classroom.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the date of the conference?

The live conference will take place from the 21st of March to the 24th March, 2024 at UWCSEA Singapore. 

The Pre-conference (Thursday 21st March) will be at the East Campus, 1 Tampines Street 73, Singapore 528704.

The Main Conference (Friday 22nd-Sunday 24th March) will be at the Dover Campus, 1207 Dover Road, Singapore 139654.

Will I receive a certificate for my attendance?

Yes! We will be issuing Certificates to all those who attend the Conference LIVE.

Are there any hotels you recommend? 

Here is a list of hotel recommendations:

Is there a Professional Development letter I can use to apply for leave/funding from my school?

In which language will lessons be presented in?

For this conference, all sessions will be held in English. In the future, we hope to offer sessions in other languages.
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