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registrations have closed

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Building Scientific Understanding:
With A CBI Approach

Concept-BAsed Inquiry Science  

6-week online course for K-12 Science Educators including Elementary Teachers & Curriculum Leaders beginning on TBC.

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6-week online course for K-12 Science Educators including Elementary Teachers & Curriculum Leaders beginning on April 15th, 2024 

6-week online course for K-12 Science Educators including Elementary Teachers & Curriculum Leaders beginning on TBC.

Building Scientific Understanding:
With A CBI Approach


Are your science units designed to
ignite a passion for exploration,
foster deep transferable understanding, and cultivate innovative problem-solvers?

Embark on a transformative journey to elevate your science classroom to new heights. Join our Concept-Based Inquiry Science course and empower your students with a lifelong love for science and deep conceptual understanding that goes beyond the facts and skills. 

Come on this journey with us to explore how scientific exploration through practical labs and hands-on learning plays a vital role in every Concept-Based Inquiry Science classroom. 

This is all possible in your classroom...

here's the thing:

Learn how to utilize questions to guide student thinking, helping them to notice patterns and make connections to form Big Ideas?

​Design lessons that engage students as they take ownership of their learning and consistently experience Ah-Ha moments?

Feel confident in developing units that build knowledge, skills, and conceptual understanding simultaneously, providing the foundation for learning transfer?

​Learn to leverage the scientific practices you are already using and elevate to develop conceptual understanding?

Wouldn't you like to: 

Meet your Coaches,
Jessica Humble-Crofts
and Andrea Uhl

  • Jessica Humble-Crofts is an experienced international educator, consultant and coach who works with educators worldwide to develop innovative Concept-Based curriculum. As a certified independent Erickson and Lanning Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction Trainer, Jessica has led workshops across the world, presented at conferences and facilitates a global professional learning community dedicated to cultivating best practices in Concept-Based Inquiry. She is one of the lead curriculum developers of the CBI Mathematics Project and has been involved in development, implementation, professional development and support of the project. Jessica is the science specialist for the CBCI Institute and has successfully developed and led professional development courses for Professional Learning International. Leaning on her extensive classroom experience in both middle and high school Jessica is passionate about designing transformative learning experiences in the science classroom. 

  • Andrea Uhl is a seasoned international educator, consultant, and artistic thinker dedicated to advancing science education. With a dynamic teaching career spanning over 15 years in elementary classrooms, Andrea brings a wealth of experience cultivated during her enchanting tenure at Walt Disney World and her whimsical role as a ‘Mad Scientist’. As an experienced Erickson and Lanning Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction Certified Trainer, Andrea leads workshops, presents at conferences, and regularly provides feedback on units to educators all over the world. She plays a pivotal role in leading teams for the development, implementation, and support of the CBI Mathematics Project. Drawing on her classroom experience and understanding of CBI, Andrea illustrated "Concept-Based Inquiry in Action" by French and Marschall, translating words to images to consolidate the reader's comprehension of the text.  She continues to advocate for the transformative impact that Concept-Based Inquiry can have on teaching and learning.

Your Course Facilitators

Each week, you will gain access to a new video module and supporting resources. 

Then, we’ll meet for a weekly, hour-long group coaching call, where we’ll answer questions and provide you with an opportunity to collaborate with your colleagues.

To accommodate everyone, we’ll schedule these Zoom calls in two time zones, and we’ll record the calls for anyone who can’t attend. These discussions are such valuable opportunities for dialogue, and we want to make sure that they are available to everyone.

After week six, you will have an opportunity to schedule an individual coaching session. During this time, you'll get specific feedback on your unit and lesson plan — and get them ready to go for your classroom!

You will be transported around the world visiting classrooms Elementary, Middle and High School classrooms where you will see... 

Through highly practical and engaging professional learning that transforms theory into a regular part of classroom practice, educators are prepared to immediately apply the Concept-Based Inquiry approach in their Science classrooms.

Collaborate with a Global Science Community 

This is not your typical Online Course...

You’ll work on developing your first Concept-Based Science unit and have an opportunity to troubleshoot and refine these with a private coaching session with Jess, Andrea, or one of our CBI coaches to receive feedback on the unit you create.

Your very own copy of "Concept-Based Inquiry in Action: Strategies to Promote Transferable Understanding" by Marschall and French.
This is yours to keep - you will have lifetime access.

One-on-One Coaching

Six self-paced video modules with over 40 short lessons that set the groundwork for Concept-Based Science and guide you through the unit design process, and demonstrate lessons in action.

Video modules

Self-paced learning to enhance your
unit planning -   


Weekly group support calls with Jessica or Andrea and fellow course participants - offered at two different times to accommodate time zones. You'll even have the opportunity to observe a lesson plan from start to finish.

Group Calls



After this course, you will be able to answer these questions:

How does concept-based inquiry open the door for student ownership in their learning while still attending to the rigour of science?

How can I build transferable understanding and skills by elevating the role of practical investigations?

Where do guiding questions fit with the Concept-Based Inquiry phases to leverage deeper understanding in my science classroom?

How can I plan instruction to guide students’ understanding to a transferable level, preparing them to solve problems we can hardly imagine?

Transform your approach to teaching science for only €650

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The cost of the 6-week course and 1-1 coaching is €650.

If you register prior to TBC, you will save €50.

*Groups of five or more participants from the same school can register each participant for €600.

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Help them to:

  • Feel valued as thinkers - it feels great to have Ah-ha moments!
  • Develop the mental models and conceptual schema needed to retrieve what they’ve learned as they make sense in new contexts
  • Be able to use factual examples as evidence to support their developing conceptual ideas
  • Transfer learning across multiple areas of science and beyond 

Your students and their learning are at the heart of this. 

​Come away with a clear picture of what Concept-Based Inquiry in Science looks like so you feel empowered to begin experimenting with this approach in your classroom.

​Gain greater confidence in working with concepts and leading your students to construct their own conceptual understandings.

​Plan a full science unit that clearly articulates the knowledge, skills and conceptual understanding giving you clarity and focus in your lesson design.

Learn to leverage the practical science investigations you are already using and take them one step further to develop conceptual understandings.

Why enroll?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have studied Concept-Based Inquiry before?

Embark on a journey of learning with our course that starts from the basics, making it accessible even if you have no prior experience with Concept-Based. Whether you're new to the concept or looking to deepen and explore what this powerful approach looks like in a Science unit your understanding, this course is designed to meet you where you are and guide you through every step of the learning process.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

We offer a 7-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If, after completing Module 1, you find that this course doesn't meet your expectations within the first week, we'll provide a full refund, no questions asked. Your satisfaction is our priority.

How long will I have access to the course content?

We understand the importance of setting clear parameters for success. By offering you a defined start and finish date, we significantly enhance the likelihood of your course completion and overall success.

Enjoy a generous 10 weeks of access to our materials and online portal, providing ample time for strategic planning in your learning journey and the successful completion of your unit plan.

This extended access period is designed to allow you to pace yourself comfortably and maximize the benefits of the resources provided.

If you are ready to make literacy learning more dynamic and holistic, leverage student agency and meaning-making, and guide your students to develop transferable conceptual understanding that they will value for years to come… enroll now.

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Everything you need to transform your science  classroom.

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Building Scientific Understanding:
With A CBI Approach
€650 per participant.
Early Bird Pricing: €600 per participant.

Groups of 5 or more: €600 per participant.

If you would like to register more than 5 people today, please email us at
Registration for this online course is capped at 60 people.